University degree “passport to employment” albeit unstable, says new study

In case anyone tries arguing to the contrary, a university degree in Portugal is an almost sure-fire passport to employment but it does not mean that it will be well-paid.

This is the bottom-line conclusion of a study presented in Porto last week.

Entitled “Graduate employment in Portuguese businesses”, Advancis Business Services found almost 94% of graduates who had completed their doctorates were assured of work
The problem is that over 40% of those offered jobs will find their terms of employment far from generous.

In fact, job instability is a factor that affects graduates far more than it affects other segments of the population, the study confirmed.

With many other aspects of how graduates fare in the employment market under the microscope, the authors of the report stressed that doctorate students in Portugal were still in a minority even though the number of people boasting university degrees has doubled in the last 10 years.