A celebration with Native American Indians and international world musicians at Quinta da Calma is taking place between June 25 and 27.

Since ancient times, the elders of the Native American Indian tribes have honoured their kinship with the Spirits of Nature by working closely with them for healing, survival and knowledge. The organisers have promised that this celebration will feature indigenous peoples, bringing back their little pots of burning embers to rekindle that sacred fire. Several of the guests are appearing in Portugal for the first time, including Grandmother Sara, an Elder of the Mohawk Tribe, Iroquois Nation and of the Turtle Clan; Robert Standing Bear and Tsalagi, who carries the medicine of a Kutani priest, and is a Sun Dancer and Pipe Carrier. His wife Laurinda is a gifted storyteller, author, singer, artist and dancer. The celebration will also involve Rod Skenandore Elk Chief: Elder and Chief of the Blackfeet-Oneida, medicine man, sundancer, UFO researcher, writer, sculptor and musician.

The Elders will be joined by avariety ofgifted musicians, singers and songwriters. In addition to the music, there will be workshops.

The organisers warmly invite you to come to Quinta da Calma to be a part of this universal healing. Price for weekend: 120 euros or 30 euros for Friday, 50 euros for Saturday and 50 euros for Sunday. Children under 18 can attend free. Students have half price admission. Please register at Quinta da Calma. Telephone 289 393741 or email [email protected].