Unhelpful witnesses

Unhelpful witnesses

I would like to inform your readers of a very sad and disappointing incident that happened recently. My female friend, who lives here most of the year, was burgled in Almancil one Friday evening at 7pm.

She was in her car, parked below a streetlight, when suddenly a man sat on her lap. She shouted very loud for him to leave the car, but he grabbed her handbag and threw it out of the car. They proceeded to fight about the car key that she still had in her hand. Outside, there was another guy, who took the handbag. The really sad and disappointing part of the story is that she was screaming very loud for help, but people on the street just watched – nobody interfered! A car even stopped next to her car to watch the scene and nobody helped!

Finally, the car key dropped, the man with the handbag grabbed it and drove away in the car. My friend managed to hold the other man and shouted for help. But guess what? Nobody helped … Out of energy she let the man run away.When she asked one witness why he did not help, he said he thought it was her husband!

I ask your readers, where is the civil courage of the people? What else must happen before witnesses react? This whole scenario is so scary, especially for a woman. It wouldn’t surprise me if soon everybody carried a weapon with them – just in case!

Dear readers, I appeal to civil courage …

S.E., Almancil