Unfair water charges and bed tax

Dear Editor,

Your excellent article on the disadvantages of living in and around Vale do Lobo (last week’s edition) will hopefully draw more attention and action against the injustice. 

Tony Cooke is to be commended and many wish they had water meters they could park in front of – most of us don’t.

His letter comparing the “facilities” between Vale do Lobo and other urbanisations is one angle, but this is not about Christmas lights and poinsettias …

Vale do Lobo has a hefty resort charge levied to owners to pay for Christmas baubles and the so-called “facilities”.

Nobody should be paying charges for water based on number of bedrooms, nor should water charges in Loulé be 30% more expensive.   

Many owners in Vale do Lobo are horrified by the obscene waste of money currently being thrown at Vale do Lobo by Infralobo. Perfectly nice floral displays recently planted torn out and thrown out like rubbish to be replaced by themed Christmas plants, newly-laid calçada torn up to be replaced by red tarmac for a bicycle path in the main Vale do Lobo road, endless road works and pipe replacements in areas that don’t need it – and so it goes on. 

Furthermore, why is it permitted for Vale do Lobo to hold a 49% stake in Infralobo, a public utility company responsible for many areas?