Unfair system

Dear Editor,

My letter “Financial lunacy“ was printed in the April 20 edition. Subsequently, since my return to Scotland, I have been swindled by the Portuguese Road Tolls Authority.

Being an honest citizen with Portugal’s financial interest at heart, I left the appropriate fee with a friend to pay for my return journey, via the A22, to Faro Airport. When my friend dutifully went to the Post Office after the designated 48 hours he was obliged to pay for additional toll charges levied after I had departed from Faro Airport.

Not only is this unfair, but surely must be illegal, to issue a charge simply because the computer cannot determine the actual renter of the vehicle at a given time on any particular day.

I could have returned home without paying any tolls, as many others have chosen to do, but my honesty has made me have to pay someone else’s journey on the A22.

I have all my paperwork showing the time I returned the car to the rental company at Faro, and my boarding pass, proving it was impossible for me to have incurred the subsequent toll.

If the Road Toll Authority deny me a refund for this additional charge, I intend to submit my details to The European Court of Human Rights as it would appear I have no other means of challenge.

DEREK DRYBURGH -regular visitor

By email