UNESCO approves bid by Tejo natural park for new recognition

The stunning Parque Natural do Tejo Internacional, running for 26,500 hectares and already recognised as one of the “most relevant reserves” in Europe for “biodiversity in its pure state” has seen its bid for classification as a biosphere reserve approved by UNESCO.

In the Beira Baixa and forming a natural frontier between Portugal and Spain, the extraordinary area, rich in wildlife and home to one of Europe’s birds most in danger of extinction, the black stork, is already a ZPE (specially protected area).

Biosphere reserve classification is something of a cherry-on-the-cake, Quercus environmentalist Samuel Infante has explained – and will almost certainly attract more visitors and international acclaim.

Also seeing its candidature approved by UNESCO are the “fantastic” Fajãs de S. Jorge, in the Azores, reports RTP.

The fajãs are flat promontories, rich in agriculture and already extremely popular among hikers.