Unemployment drops 15% in March

The number of unemployed people registered at Portugal’s employment centres fell to a total of 333,776 in March, a 15% year-on-year decrease and down 2.6% on February.

The data was revealed on Monday by the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP).

Says IEFP, the decrease was most significant among “men, adults aged 25+, people registered at employment centres for a year or more, people seeking their first job and those with fewer qualifications”.

Data shows that there are over 35,000 people aged under 25 who are registered as unemployed, a lower number compared to March 2018 when 42,000 youngsters were without a job.

There are also 144,884 people who have been jobless for over a year, a 23.1% drop on last March.

Alentejo was the region where the unemployment rate fell the most (-17.7), followed by the North (-17%) and Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (-16.4%). The Algarve was the region where unemployment dropped the least, just 1.4%.

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