Unemployment benefits decrease 5.7%

A decrease in the number of unemployment benefits occurred throughout the months of April, May and June, despite the increasing number of jobless, and at a time when social support benefits (RSI) are also diminishing.

According to the Social Security services, there were nearly 393,000 people benefitting from unemployment support in June, meaning there was a 5.7% drop when compared to March. This means that out of the 952,200 people registered at job centres, fewer than half were beneficiaries.

In terms of the RSI benefit, there is also a continuous downfall in its recipients. In June, there were around 271,000 people receiving the social benefit, representing a 1.4% decrease when compared to March and a 4.1% decrease when compared to 2012. Even more disparate is the comparison with June 2012, when the number was 20.2% higher. Thus, since June last year a total of 68,486 people stopped receiving the RSI benefit.

Family benefits have remained stable throughout these last months, aiding 1,189,889 in June. Sickness aids increased in June and supported almost 105,000 people, representing a rise of 20,000 when compared to the previous month.