Unemployed Aveiro youngster wins €288,000 in scratch lottery

In one of this week’s rare “feel-good” stories an unemployed 25-year-old from Aveiro has become Portugal’s latest lottery winner, scooping €288,000 in a “raspadinha” contest run by Super Pé de Meia (literal translation: Super Sock Foot).

It may seem a strange name for a lottery, but this winner won’t be complaining – though where he is seems to be anyone’s guess.

Scratch lottery ticket saleswoman Adriana Alvarez explained that he hasn’t been seen since the win.

“He used to come in here every day to buy tickets,” she told popular tabloid Correio da Manhã.

“The day he won, he came in and bought a ticket and then came back and bought two more. A bit later he came back with a big smile on his face to say he had won the prize. He said he couldn’t believe it.”

As CM has calculated, even after paying the tax levied on lottery wins, the youngster should be looking forward to “a total of €1,607 per month for the next 12 years”.

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