Underwater pool repairs

Pool maintenance and scuba diving have come together at UnderWaterWorks, with the team offering a new service to clients across the Algarve with pools that need repairs.

Carvoeiro-based Billy Edgley and Miguel Pina are able to make repairs to pools without having to drain the water from it first. Everything from cracks, chips and leaks to replacing light bulbs, grouting or removing algae can all be dealt with by UnderWaterWorks, who use specialist equipment and scuba diving expertise to get the job done.

A spokesman for UnderWaterWorks said: “There is no need to put your pool out of commission, the highly qualified scuba divers use modern specialist equipment to deal with the problem without draining a drop of water.  This saves time, water and money for clients.”

For further information, please call 919 255 207 or email [email protected].