Underwater love

Diver Maria Leonor Neves had an unexpected underwater surprise on July 29 when Fernando Ferreira took the plunge and proposed underwater off the coast of Albufeira.

A qualified underwater diver who had trained in Sesimbra near Lisbon, Fernando said that he wanted an original way of proposing and it wasn’t until they came to the surface that Leonor took it seriously and said yes.

This was the first underwater proposal experienced by Indigo Divers based in Albufeira, although in the past they have had other strange requests.

A spokesman from Indigo Divers said: “We once had a French scientist coming to dive off Olhos D’Água beach who wanted to explore the underwater fresh water fountains. He had a lot of strange equipment to measure salt levels in the water and the information he gathers is given to oil companies.”

A date for the wedding has not been set and as yet, there are no plans for it to take place underwater.