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Understand the chants

IF YOU are planning to visit Germany during the World Cup and want to know what the opposing fans are chanting, here are some useful translations of phrases you might hear in the stadiums.

“Ich kann’s gar nicht abwarten bis wir nochmal gegen England im Elfmeterschiessen gewinnen” – “I can’t wait to beat England in another penalty shoot-out.” Meanwhile, the Swedes might suggest: “Ytterligare en oavgjord match mot England ar oundvikligt” – “Another draw with England is inevitable.” The Paraguayans could be taunting: “Taxi para el señor Eriksson” – “Taxi for Mr Eriksson.” The Mexican phrase, “Mi abuela pudo haber anotado eso”, translates as “My grandmother could have scored that.” And a less than subtle Trinidad and Tobago battle cry goes: “T&T go mash up the English.” Finally, closer to home, “Give ‘em some early doors Rio” loosely translates as: “Gain a psychological advantage shortly after kick-off with some stern tackling, Mr Ferdinand.”