Underage sex scandal in Vau

A further two suspects are now believed to be involved in an underage sex scandal, which has shocked the Algarve. According to the authorities, eight individuals have already been arrested and accused of having sex with minors. A dentist has also been questioned concerning the forgery of a medical certificate. At least two more men are alleged to have been involved in the abuse of three girls, one aged 14 and two aged 15, in 2002. However, as yet, the authorities have been unable to identify the men.

Reports claim that one incident, involving the three young girls, took place at an apartment in the Vau area of Portimão. It is reported that the men often took the girls to apartments in the town and forced them to have sex with various men, promising to pay them, but often failing to give them any money. Police officers investigating the case believe that during most of the alleged encounters, the young girls were under the influence of large quantities of alcohol and drugs.