Dear Editor,

My property, which was bought and improved while sited in pure open country, has not only had the EN125 bypass excavated along its eastern boundary, but now has the fugitive A22 users to increase noise, vibration and the earthworks of excavation, vibration and thumps of the alterations involved in redirecting its route. I watch and listen daily to the intense increase in traffic (x2.5 times volume).

The much verbalised EEC philosophy of increasing ‘competitiveness’ in the PIGS group of countries is clearly at odds with governmental wish to raise cash by charging A22 users for the use of the motorway. When half or more of the motorway users include lorries on their way to deliver goods, and thus spend more time and fuel doing the same job, there is no way that the logics of ‘competitiveness’ can be the motive.

It should be European Law that any uncompetitive governmental policy should be severely fined with capital letters! One because it is against the public interest, two because in this case it strangles trade and the free movement of peoples across this part of Europe.

That the stupid and impractical money collecting system, so badly thought through, has not seen the beheading of appropriate technocrats is beyond reason.

Worst of all, the Finances now want 52% more property tax from my noise blighted property.