UK’s Portuguese emigrés ‘demand quarantine-free home visits’

Portuguese emigrés in UK are signing a petition on the site in the hope that it forces the British and Portuguese governments to barter their release from the 14-day quarantine rule.

“Allow immigrants to visit their families” explains that many Portuguese – including those employed by the NHS – are unable to take an extra two weeks off work and haven’t seen family members for a year.

Said nurse Joana Ribeiro, who launched the petition “I understand that going to the Algarve for holiday isn’t essential but visiting family for many of us is. I can’t believe neither government has had thought for this in their agendas. I know lots of cases of other Portuguese people in UK who are in this situation of frustration… many of them are health professionals and have been on the frontline fighting the pandemic”.

Says Ribeiro – who has written the petition in English – she hopes prime minister António Costa and/ or the President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa will make efforts now to see nationals dispensed from what otherwise would be a very difficult situation.

Few have the chance to ‘extend’ their holiday period by two weeks, and some would risk losing their jobs entirely if they compliedwith quarantine.

The petition can be found here