UK’s “forced adoption policy” mobilizes Portuguese lawyers

A group of 70 Portuguese lawyers has come together to create a support platform for the string of Portuguese mothers, resident in UK, who have lost their children to the controversial forced adoptions policy run by many counties’ social services departments.

The group formed as a result of a shocking television documentary aired last weekend on TVI24 which is now being rapidly shared via social media and causing widespread indignation.

The Resident has carried a number of stories of Portuguese families ripped apart as a result of strict rules applied in UK – perhaps the worst being that of the Pedro family, whose five children were removed on the basis of a random allegation by the eldest child that his father had slapped him (click here).

The child withdrew the allegation, but the family remained separated with both parents “forbidden” to tell their stories to the press.

This is the truth uncovered by the TVI24 documentary: the fact that parents whose children are taken are consistently told they cannot talk about their agony with the press.

Says the station, support from Portuguese authorities has simply fallen far too short.

The plan now is for the new platform of lawyers to team up with counterparts in UK who are prepared to offer services free to help distraught parents recover their children.

For updates on this story, see coverage later in the week.

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