Ukrainian refugees to Portugal will have over 11,500 jobs to choose from

Ukrainian refugees who choose to come to Portugal will have over 11.500 jobs to choose from.

This is the number cited today by an official source of the Ministry for Labour, Solidarity and Social Security.

It comes as a government press release said Portugal has already received 672 requests for temporary protection from Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion of their country (this number had increased to 1,158 by mid-afternoon).

Yesterday, the regional government of Madeira described how it was fast-tracking asylum status for Ukrainian holidaymakers ‘stranded’ on the island – all of whom will now be taking up job opportunities, a number of them ‘highly skilled’, said president of the autonomous region Miguel Albuquerque.

Now, this added bonus, logged as of 9am this morning on the government’s ‘Portugal for Ukraine’ platform, and open to businesses throughout the country to offer what they can in terms of employment opportunities.

As noticiasaominuto website explains, the first step for any Ukrainian interested is to fill out a form (click here), available on the IEFP (institute of employment and professional training) website.

As the government announced earlier this week, bureaucratic details like temporary residence authorisation/ social security, fiscal and SNS State health Service numbers, will all be fast-tracked to make this transition for new arrivals as simple as possible.

Offers of accommodation are flooding in – and the government task force in charge of coordinating everything is ready to help all those inquiring.

The extraordinary aspect of this initiative is that it only began on Monday. Here we are on Friday with exactly 11,503 jobs on offer, and possibly more to come.

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