Ukrainian man stabbed to death in Portimão

Argument turns fatal

A 41-year-old Ukrainian man was stabbed to death in Portimão last week after a violent altercation with another Ukrainian man whom he lived with at an abandoned store.

The suspect has been arrested by police and remanded in custody.

The fatal attack reportedly happened on Rua Dom Carlos I outside the abandoned store just before midnight on Friday night.

Reports CNN Portugal, the two men argued frequently – often under the influence of alcohol – and lived with two other men at the abandoned store without electricity or water.

PJ police had initially named all three men who lived with the victim as suspects as they were reportedly all present when the argument broke out. However, they narrowed it down to just one suspect, also in his 40s, who was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Correio da Manhã adds that all four men had already been evicted from the store.

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