Ukrainian folk dancing in Faro

news: Ukrainian folk dancing in Faro

DIM, a dancing group from the city of Podilsky in the Ukraine, will bring a little of their country’s culture to the Algarve, while also making the region’s estimated 17,000 Ukrainian residents feel like they are at home.

The award winning troupe was first formed in 1959 and has taken part in many international folk festivals in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Bulgaria. Composed of 20 dancers and 10 musicians, the group will be performing traditional Ukrainian dances, songs and music, accompanied by the sound of accordions, flutes, clarinets, the double bass and trombone.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Portugal is clearly very pleased about the troupe’s visit, commenting: “Cultural exchanges are very important and, with folklore, a bridge can be built between various peoples, serving to demonstrate the diversity of cultures.”

Taking place at Faro’s new municipal theatre, a further seven groups are expected to participate in FolkFaro, a festival which is part of the programme for Faro National Capital of Culture 2005.