Reporting on Sunday was still describing the men as Russians

Ukrainian draft dodgers in raid on jewellers

Initial reports described men as Russians

Some very coy reporting went on over the weekend after two Ukrainian draft dodgers held up a jewellery store in Aveiro, briefly taking the young woman in charge hostage.

Initially the men were described as Russians (see image above).

The tag wobbled a bit until the media opted for “nationality unclear”.

Today, finally, reports have sorted the nationality out and conceded the 42-year-old and 50-year-old arrived in Portugal from Ukraine in March – in other words, after the start of the war – which means they left their country when they were meant to stay and help protect it. 

The ‘law’ in Ukraine right now is that all men between the ages of 18-60 should be helping repel the Russian invasion. Most appear to have complied, willingly – these men being exceptions.

The pair were described as causing ‘terror’ in Aveiro last Saturday. The truth is their ‘raid’ was completely bungled: police were quickly alerted to the situation, surrounding the jewellery shop in the centre of town, sealing off all exit points.

After a tense hour and a half or so ‘stand-off’, the men released their hostage, and then shortly afterwards came out themselves.

They will be presented before a magistrate today, having spent last night in police custody.

Reports over the weekend described the duo as ‘talking on a mobile phone’ throughout the raid to a third party, presumably taking part in the plan in some way.

Today, Correio da Manhã, suggests the men had staked the store out on a number of occasions over the past two weeks.

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