Dear Editor,

In response to Biton Walstra and others regarding UK TV, I would point out that many companies strive to keep the custom of the expat communities from various countries (e.g. supermarkets, telecom, magazines etc).

These markets are not there to discourage us from enjoying the local culture but just to help us make a connection with home and so television becomes part of that market.

Losing UK TV is not the end of the world but it is also not necessary in a world which allows us to cross borders without losing access to our telephone services.

The EU promised us ‘television without frontiers’ which would allow any EU member access to the television of their home country, anywhere within the EU community – this seems to have given way to profits and restrictions, unlike phone access, which just hikes the price but still allows access.

How would people react if in this modern world we were told our mobile phones will just not work in Portugal, so we have to buy a Portuguese phone!?

We live in a very small world in 2012 and can access many of the things we enjoy from our home countries, so television is something many people take for granted and naturally do not want to lose.

Gary Partington

By email