UK travel restrictions

Editor’s note: Letters below were sent in before UK travel restrictions were lifted

Dear Editor,
I would like to let you know the main reason why the British government does not allow travel to Portugal … it is due to the number of Portuguese nurses working in the UK.
Seventy-five percent of the nurses working in the Reading Hospital are Portuguese. Can you imagine what would happen if the British government lifted the restrictions to travel to Portugal and all nurses decided to go there on holidays at the same time? Who would be left to work at hospitals fighting Covid-19?
Name withheld

Dear Editor,
Me and my family visited Portugal (Algarve) five days ago. We stayed nearly a month and we just love it there. Every year we go there on holiday, sometimes twice a year if possible, as we have family there and I can honestly say that I have never felt so safe during the pandemic, more than in the UK. So, I do not understand this ‘fight’ between Portugal and UK. Honestly, I think Portugal deserves this air bridge more than any other country.