Callum Halpin

UK murder suspect “was living in Algarve for over one month”

Callum Halpin moved often and paid in cash to avoid paper trail

Callum Halpin, the 27-year-old man labelled one of the UK’s most wanted men who was arrested in the Algarve on Monday, was reportedly living in Vilamoura for one month with his girlfriend at a closed condominium before being caught.

So says Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Notícias, which adds that the murder suspect would move around from different rented houses frequently and would always pay in cash to not leave a paper trail.

JN also says Halpin initially was hiding in Spain before moving over to Portugal, where he always remained in the Algarve. PJ criminal police had already searched for him in Lagos and Albufeira after receiving information that he lived there.

The police force was finally able to track him down to Vilamoura, where he was approached while out walking his dog. He did not offer resistance, the newspaper says.

As the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) announced on Wednesday, Halpin is wanted by Greater Manchester Police for the murder of Luke Graham, 31, and the attempted murder of Anton Verigotta.

The crime agency explained that a public appeal to help trace Halpin was made in January this year when the NCA and Crimestoppers launched a new Most Wanted campaign featuring 12 fugitives who were believed to be hiding in Spain.

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]