UK media rounds on Supreme Court ‘shock’ that McCanns “have not been proved innocent”

UK tabloids – which for so long have been so ‘anti-Portuguese’ in their reporting of the Madeleine McCann mystery – are changing their tune following publication of the Supreme Court judgement which stressed that parents Kate and Gerry McCann have not been proved innocent in the context of their daughter’s disappearance (click here).

Media sources in touch with the Resident warn: “The tide is turning in UK. Did you know that Panorama was in Luz last week? Tell your readers to batten down, they’re all coming”.

The Sun, the Mirror, the Daily Mail began the day leading with hurtful headlines.

Curiously, the Daily Mail’s “Portuguese court says Madeleine McCann’s parents HAVEN’T been cleared” (with large capital letters for the word haven’t) was later changed to: “Fresh anguish for Madeleine McCann’s parents as Portugal’s supreme court insists they haven’t been proved innocent over their daughter’s death”.

But the thrust of the story is busily steaming its way through the English-speaking mainstream while the McCann couple themselves, and their representatives, must be considering a response with care.

Says the Mail: “A spokesperson for the McCann’s did not want to respond to request for comment last night”, while the Mirror – running with the story under “Kate and Gerry McCann ‘not formally in the clear’ over daughter Madeleine’s disappearance” says the Supreme Court ruling “means suspicion still hangs over the heads of the McCanns, who have always claimed their innocence”.

Another cloud highlighted by the ruling is the fact that there remain “serious concerns relating to the truth that Madeleine was kidnapped” (Daily Mail today, as well as Portuguese papers, quoting directly from the 76-page text).

For Praia da Luz – the holiday village perennially dragged into the spotlight over this almost decade-long mystery – the question on everyone’s minds is “if there is a media stampede back” could it spell a rush of welcome pre-season business, and would it disappear in time to let the popular sun-blessed village enjoy a trouble-free summer?

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