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UK media report exposes child sex offender


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A MUSICIAN from Carvoeiro, exposed as a child sex offender in a British Sunday tabloid, has vowed to remain in the village despite being beaten up by a group of residents and receiving death threats.

David Reid, known to his friends as ‘Irish Dave’, is well-known among residents in Carvoeiro due to his regular gigs, singing and playing guitar at The Round-Up Saloon.

He was named and shamed by the News of the World for abusing his four daughters and son over a period of 16 years and was confronted by reporters from the paper after a recent performance in the village.

Fifteen years ago, Reid, 56, was jailed for three years (of which he served 18 months) for indecent assault and gross indecency. He moved to the Algarve 10 years ago, however has never had to reveal his whereabouts as he was released before the Sex Offenders Register was launched in 1997.

His children have been working with the News of the World to discover his whereabouts and reveal his identity to the public, therefore ensuring that people are aware about the continuing danger they believe he poses to children. After printing his photo in the paper a few weeks ago, a reader recognised Reid and helped link reporters to his whereabouts.

“For years our father has destroyed us. He continues to get on with his life forgetting the crimes against us, his own children. It makes it easier for us to know he is nowhere near us” stated Mandy, one of Reid’s daughters.

Reid admits to indecently exposing himself to his daughters in the 1980s, but denies charges of physically abusing his own children stating: “I never touched my son, I am not a paedophile.”

Reid’s children now work as councillors to other victims of abuse and have just been awarded with the News of the World Children’s Champions award.

The award is reserved for youngsters aged 16 or under, who have helped other youngsters, either by outstanding bravery or by sheer example and hard work. The children are also avid supporters of the Sarah’s law movement; a campaign spearheaded by the News of the World, which began in July 2000 in response to the murder of Sarah Payne.

Sarah’s parents backed up the campaign as they were sure that a child sex offender had been responsible for their daughter’s death. The aim of the campaign was for the government to allow controlled access to the Sex Offenders Register so parents with young children could know if a child sex offender was living in their area. Sarah’s mother has always insisted that such a law would have saved Sarah’s life.

After speaking with several residents in Carvoeiro, the general feeling is one of shock and disbelief about the well-known resident. “I’m gob smacked” stated one bar owner, “over all the years I’ve known him I never suspected anything unusual in his character that would point towards such allegations.”

Since the revelations in the Sunday newspaper, Reid has received numerous death threats and was said to have been subject to a physical beating from a group of Carvoeiro residents.

Despite this he has been reported as saying he wants to stay in the village.

He insists that he is not a threat to the community and just wants to be left alone and not forever be on the run from his past.

The British Consulate has not been contacted by anyone in relation to the article and the Carvoeiro GNR has stated that at the moment it is not a matter they are involved with.