UK magazine names Benagil sea cave “most beautiful in the world”

The list of international publications praising Benagil’s stunning sea cave continues to grow. This time, it was UK’s AnOther magazine that described the cave as “the most beautiful in the world”.

“Tucked away in the folds of southern Portugal’s rugged coastline lies one of the most beautiful natural cathedrals on the planet,” the article reads.

AnOther says that while Benagil, a small area in the borough of Lagoa in the Algarve, is home to several caves, “the most famous is huge, airy and lit by an ever-changing palette of colours that come from the sky, the ocean, the sun and the rocks”.

“With its own ‘indoor’ beach, two sea-facing holes and a further circular skylight eroded through its ceiling, it’s a favourite with photographers and tours.”
The magazine explains that “like much of the Algarve, the coast around Benagil is made up of Miocene limestone sitting on much older rocks created in the Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

“The Algarve Basin between Cabo de São Vicente and Faro was part of a region caught in the epicentre when the supercontinent of Pangea began to split up, and warm, shallow seas slowly crept in. Over time, the limestone built up, with the layers that make up the Benagil Sea Cave forming about 20 million years ago.”

Sadly, the magazine points out that the cave’s time may be numbered.

“Eventually, caves like Benagil will likely collapse completely, as the Earth’s unending geological evolution continues.”

It also warns that visitors should “be careful, pay close attention to tide times, the weather forecast and local advice” as the cave is only accessible by sea, and many have been caught stranded inside.

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Several other international publications have also praised Benagil’s sea cave for its unique beauty in recent years, such as The Guardian (click here), Condé Nast Traveler (click here), and The Huffington Post (click here).