UK/Portugal flight schedules back on!

Flights to and from the UK appear to be back from Friday as the ‘travel ban’ imposed by Portugal is due to expire tomorrow (April 15).

Various airlines have updated schedules to and from Lisbon while BA and Ryanair are leading the way in plans for flights to Faro.

On the basis of the ‘Stanley Johnson loophole’ (see below), this means people desperate to get here, or get to the UK, may finally have a direct option. 

In the case of those leaving Portugal for the UK, the requirement for negative PCR tests and quarantine remains in place.

For people travelling in the opposite direction those who have been fully-vaccinated are almost certain to be allowed straight through (though authorities here have yet to explain this).

As for details, BA’s site shows it is resuming a weekly flight from Heathrow into Faro from next Saturday (April 24).

Ryanair will be flying the first flight into Faro this Friday from Manchester – but this appears to be a one-off as their next flight from Manchester to Faro is only on May 17.

In the meantime Ryanair is resuming a London flight to Faro on May 7 while easyJet is restarting London flights from May 17.

The rest will largely depend on how the epidemiological situation in Portugal develops, especially if Portugal makes it onto the ‘green list’ under England’s “traffic-light”system.

The Stanley Johnson loophole allows people to fly from UK to Portugal (even when non-essential travel is discouraged) for the following reasons:

  • Work
  • Study
  • Legal obligations or to vote
  • Moving, selling or renting property
  • Childcare reasons or to be present at a birth
  • Visiting a dying relative or close friend
  • Attending a funeral
  • Getting married or attending the wedding of a close relative
  • Medical appointments
  • Escaping a risk of harm

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