UK animal welfare charity slams event

UK-based animal welfare charity The League Against Cruel Sports has joined the campaign against this weekend’s bullfight in Monchique.

The charity, which was founded in 1924 and played a key role in banning fox hunting in the UK, is calling for the bullfight to be cancelled and is encouraging its thousands of supporters to email local authorities and event sponsors to express their opposition.

Liam Raftery from the League told the Algarve Resident: “I find it astonishing that local authorities have given permission for this bullfight to go ahead. Last year saw the first ever bullfight take place in Monchique, and it was a total critical and commercial failure. Why on earth do they want history to repeat itself?

“Bullfighting is a cruel and outdated bloodsport and has no place whatsoever in a modern, civilised society. By associating the beautiful town of Monchique with this kind of cruelty, event organisers are also running the risk of damaging its international reputation.”

The League Against Cruel Sports has over 60,000 supporters.