UK airbridge

Dear Editor,

I refer to Natasha Donn’s article on July 10 regarding the above (or should I say, lack of).

I too would like to add my name to the list of correspondents who are extremely angry regarding the UK government’s illogical decision to omit Portugal from the list of safe countries to visit. This is now especially galling in view of the lockdown last week in Catalonia, an area which no doubt currently has thousands of tourists from the UK, yet with no sign of Spain being taken off the list of safe countries.

In any event, my wife and I ignored the government advice and, armed with special medical travel insurance covering travel to Portugal (which incidentally cost only £115 for three weeks), arrived from Manchester in Faro on July 12 for a three-week stay at our apartment in Lagos.

During our stay so far, we have felt totally safe and not witnessed a single incident of non-mask-wearing in numerous visits to supermarkets, shops, cafés and restaurants in Lagos and Portimão.

We may decide to extend our stay beyond August 1, but if we don’t, we will not be complying with the quarantine requirement if it is still in place and, if “caught”, will gladly pay our fine!

Paul Marshall
By email