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UK air tax take off

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PASSENGERS FLYING out of UK airports are now paying extra air duty, while airlines and tour operators consider taking legal action over the controversial new government tax.

The new charge, which has doubled the passenger duty on air travellers, is a measure that Chancellor Gordon Brown says will help compensate for damage to the environment.

However, the Board of Airline Representatives, whose clients include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Air France, is against the charge and is considering legal action against the government over the new payment. The legal case will challenge the way the new tax was introduced without a debate and subsequent approval in Parliament.

The duty has increased from five pounds to 10 pounds sterling for economy-seat passengers taking domestic and European short-haul flights and from 20 pounds to 40 pounds sterling for economy-seat travellers on long-haul flights. Business and first class passengers face increases of 10 pounds sterling for short-haul flights and 40 pounds sterling for long-haul.