Ugly scenes mark first day of new Maddie interrogations

Ugly scenes mark first day of new Madeleine McCann interrogations

Frustrations felt by many of the so-called “key witnesses” recalled to Faro to face new police grillings came violently to the surface yesterday when one lashed out at TV cameras, and later threw a bottle of water at the posse of journalists.
Known locally as “Quim Zé”, convicted rapist José Marques was not in the mood for the media spotlight.
Billed by UK papers as a “rapist pig farmer”, the father-of-three was years ago discounted from the inquiry and has always maintained his sighting in Praia da Luz was explained by the fact that his eldest daughter was at nursery school there, and his wife worked locally as a hairdresser.
Quim-Zé is known for his temper, nonetheless, and in the past had threatened journalists with a shotgun.
The fact that the gun was not loaded, rusted and bent was missed by the newshounds who ran for cover, but ever since newspapers have appeared to have it in for José Marques.
Marques is reported to have endured six hours of questioning yesterday, but finally walked out of Faro police station to return home.
His attack on TV cameras came at lunchtime and was widely covered by Correio da Manhã, which reported that Marques and other key witnesses face a barrage of as many as 253 questions as the British Operation Grange inquiry brings its new broom, Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Wall, up to speed.
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