“Uber of flowers” arrives in Portugal

Interflora, the company that has taken to describing itself as the “Uber of flowers”, entered the Portuguese market this month with hopes of becoming the “go-to service” people use when they want flowers delivered.

“It is as if we are the Uber or Airbnb of flowers,” Interflora’s CEO for Spain and Portugal Eduardo Gonzalez told Dinheiro Vivo website. “The system is exactly the same.”

Clients place their order online or through Interflora’s App and the company finds its closest delivery partner.

“Flowers arrive at their destinations fresh and hand-delivered by florists who work with us,” Gonzalez explained.

Florists are picked depending on their “experience, certification, training, available products” and, last but not least, their “ability to deliver”.

“The delivery is the most important part,” he said, “as it is the most sensitive”.

“Delivering flowers is different from delivering any other kind of product. We are delivering feelings – a statement, condolences or an apology,” the CEO added.

The Interflora group – which includes Fleurop Interflora, Interflora UK and FTD Companies – operates in 150 countries and is considered a world leader in the sector.

The group hopes to receive around 80,000 orders per year in Portugal, and is working with nearly 60 Portuguese florists, though the “medium-term” goal is to reach 200.