UBER loses key judicial battle for legality in Portugal

Smartphone operator UBER faces a judicial battle in the country’s top court after losing against the country’s taxi drivers union ANTRAL at the appeals court.

It is an extraordinary defeat given that new government legislation considers Uber to be part of the future. But a providência cautelar lodged against Uber’s activity by Antral in 2015 has been upheld by judges, meaning the online service must appeal to the Supreme Court.

Giving the details today, Jornal Económico says a spokesperson for Uber sees the news as yet more proof that Portuguese law needs to catch up with the times.

The company appears unconcerned by the ruling, explaining that ANTRAL’s action was taken against Uber Technologies Inc., which does not in fact control the side of the service that operates in Portugal.

The Portuguese service is run by Uber BV, based in Amsterdam, Holland, said the source – and thus business will be continuing as usual.