Uber launches new service aimed at Portugal’s businesses

Not content with giving Portugal’s traditional taxi drivers a run for their money, North American company Uber is now forging ahead with a new service aimed at the country’s business sector.

U4B, standing for Uber for Business, proposes “easy mobility” for companies, and a way of banishing forever the headache of expenses chits and receipts.

The idea is that businesses create online accounts (via business.uber.com) so that employees can hire cabs wherever they are, with expenses being charged directly to the company.

According to Uber, the beauty of the system is that employees can call cabs wherever they are in the world – as long, of course, as there is an Uber service in the area.

Journey details like time, destination and length of travel will be noted, so that companies receive a full report, and employees details will need to be ‘logged’ on to the company’s account so that Uber drivers are able to tally them with the company they work for.

According to a statement by the company, the service is already available in Portugal.

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