Uber in the Algarve: good or bad?

Dear Editor,

I have never used Uber, and I’m not a frequent passenger in taxis either. I’ve had my share of good and bad experiences with taxi drivers, but I don’t dislike the traditional taxi sector like some people do.

Putting this fairly neutral standpoint to use, I’m able to see where both sides (Uber and taxi drivers) are coming from in this wrangle.

Uber is the ‘new guy’ on the scene, with the latest technological gadgets at its disposal to steal the attention away from the ‘old geezer’ taxi drivers.

On the other hand, taxi drivers who already struggle to make ends meet in places like the Algarve are losing their ‘bread-and-butter’ to what they consider “unfair competition”.

I believe both have their place in the current market, but someone in a position of power has to step in and even the playing field for both Uber and the taxi sector.

It is unfair if Uber is indeed allowed to offer its services without having to abide by the same rules as the taxi sector.

If the conditions are made equal for all, then I see no reason why Uber can’t compete with the traditional taxi sector and force it to ‘up its game’.

Celine Pires