U2 tribute band plays Lagoa

The Us4, U2 tribute band, is performing at Fatacil fair in Lagoa on August 22.

The show will take the audience on a journey through U2’s 25 year career.

All members of Us4 have extensive live and studio experience in various original and signed bands and have featured on BBC 2 TV, BBC Radio 2, and BBC Radio 1.

The band has played in venues as diverse as pubs and clubs, to festivals in front of thousands of people, and is probably the most experienced U2 tribute band around the world.


Another highlight of the Fatacil musical programme is Aurea, the new star on the rise on the Portuguese music scene, who is taking to the stage on August 23.

Her debut single Busy For Me has been number one on iTunes Portugal many times and her unique voice and flair are already trademarks of an artist who has been influenced by big stars such as Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone and even Amy Winehouse.

A single ticket for Fatacil costs €5, a family ticket for four people cost €15, and holders of Lagoa City card will pay €2.50.

For more information please call 282 353 453.