Two years on and still no sign of Madeleine

By ELOÏSE WALTON & DAISY SAMPSON [email protected]

This Sunday marks the second anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, who went missing from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007.

To mark the anniversary, Kate and Gerry flew to Chicago to film a special interview with chat show host, Oprah Winfrey, in front of a live audience, which will be shown in the US on May 4.

According to the UK press, Kate McCann broke down in tears after admitting she did not recognise the new pictures of how her daughter would look now, aged almost six, which had been created by the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria, Virginia.

During the hour-long interview, Oprah told Madeleine’s parents that she will do anything in her power to help find their missing daughter.

According to the UK’s Daily Express newspaper, many in the American audience admitted they did not know about the McCanns as there was little coverage of the disappearance in the United States. However, the interview with Oprah is expected to be seen by a worldwide audience of 1.2 billion in 144 countries.

Audience member Chris Myers, 43, told the UK’s Sun newspaper: “Oprah had to wipe tears away from her eyes at least three times. The atmosphere inside the studio was very sad.”

The Find Madeleine Campaign has also released fund raising t-shirts with the slogans ‘don’t give up on me’ and ‘never give up’, which comes after Gerry McCann admitted in a recent interview that the fund to find his daughter was likely to run out by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã was due to release a DVD on Thursday of the controversial documentary aired on the TVI channel on April 13, where former police investigator Gonçalo Amaral presented viewers with evidence which, he believes, indicates that Madeleine died in Praia da Luz on the night she went missing (see the Algarve Resident edition, April 17).

The Algarve Resident contacted Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCann family, and Robert Murat, the British expatriate who, like the McCanns, was an arguido in the police investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance, for comments about the case two years on, but neither responded to phone calls or emails.

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