Two-year-old boy falls six floors to death

A community in Vila Franca da Xira is in shock today after a two-year-old boy fell six floors to his death from a window in his family’s apartment.

The tragic was all the more horrific for the fact that the child hit all the lower apartments’ washing lines as he fell.

Police are described as trying to piece together how the boy came to climb out of the window.

He is believed to have been in the apartment with an older sibling and his maternal grandmother.

His parents, a Portuguese man and a Ukrainian woman, were not in the apartment at the time, reports Correio da Manhã newspaper, adding that the child’s mother is understood to be pregnant with the couple’s third child.

PSP police as well as PJ detectives have interviewed the family as well as neighbours, both “inside the house, as well as where the baby fell”, says the paper.

When the grandmother realised her grandson had fallen out of the window, she is understood to have rushed down to where he lay and picked him up, taking him back into the apartment.

When firemen and PSP police first arrived, the little boy’s body was “inside the family residence”, explains CM.

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