Two women discovered dead on eve of national day of mourning for victims of domestic violence

Two further women were found dead yesterday, the day before Portugal’s first national day of mourning for victims of domestic violence.

One appears definitely to have been a victim of her partner’s wrath.

Say reports, the husband of Ana Paula Fidalgo handed himself into Braga GNR shortly after his wife was discovered strangled at their home in Vieira do Minho.

The other – discovered in the hallway of an apartment block in Seixal – may have been killed by a former lover, explains Diário de Notícias, though police are still investigating the theory.

For now, this leaves the tally of women confirmed to have been killed in situations of domestic violence since the start of the year at 12, potentially rising to 13.

Ana Paula Fidalgo was 39 years old and the mother of two children. She and her partner had recently returned from a stint living in London, UK, and were running a restaurant business together.

Says DN, the couple appears to have had a “history of arguments” though neither had ever lodged any kind of complaint of domestic violence.

Yesterday’s ‘crime related to issues of passion”, said the paper.

Tomorrow’s International Women’s Day is almost certainly going to be overshadowed by this year’s apparent spike in the number of deaths from domestic violence (click here).

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