Two sightings of Madeleine on same day in same city

GERRY AND Kate McCann have known for some time there were two possible sightings of their missing daughter in the same city on the same day, their spokesman has revealed.

The first alleged sighting was made by a Norwegian woman, who reported seeing Madeleine at a petrol station in the Moroccan city of Marrakech on May 9 – six days after her apparent abduction.

It has now emerged that Kate and Gerry McCann were also told of a British tourist who contacted police on his return home from Morocco to say he thought he had seen Madeleine.

This second, separate sighting, which was passed on to the Portuguese and Moroccan, was in the same part of the city and at a similar time as the woman’s.

The Norwegian claimed she saw Madeleine outside a petrol station, while the British witness, who has not been named but is said to be from Yorkshire, said he saw a young girl with a close resemblance to Madeleine outside the Ibis Hotel opposite.

It seems the Briton was unaware of the other sighting, meaning police had two independent reports in the same place.

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “We have been aware of it for months. It was made known to us when it happened.

“All I can say is that any possible sightings, if credible, we hope would be examined thoroughly, whether it’s in Portugal, Spain or anywhere else.”