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Two new service stations for A22

WHEN DRIVING along the A22 towards Faro after Silves, you always have to check that you have plenty of fuel in the tank, as there is no service station until you reach Olhão. However, if you drive along this particular stretch now, you cannot miss the construction sites on either side of the road near the Boliqueime turn-off, and yes, they will soon become the long awaited service stations, that should have been constructed when the A22 was first opened.

The Resident’s Louise Pimm, contacted Estradas de Portugal (EP), who said that GALP will own and run the two new service stations. Indeed they had been planned to open when the A22 did, but EP cites various bureaucratic reasons for the construction being delayed for several years. According to Paula Ramos Chaves of EP, the two new service stations should be up-and-running by the second half of August and, as well as supplying fuel, there will also be a restaurant, toilet facilities, a children’s playground and shop.

Along the A22, which runs the length of the Algarve, there are already service stations at Silves, Lagos and Olhão. There are also plans for the construction of a further service station at the entrance to Spain at the opening of the Ponte do Guadiana, Vila Real de Santo António.