Two military personnel to be made “official suspects” in investigation over Commando deaths

At last news of the investigation into the deaths of two 20-year-old Commandos during training in September.

RTP reports today that two military personnel (FOR UPDATE SEE BELOW) are to be constituted official suspects (arguidos) over their ‘failures to give immediate medical help’ to the young men who died.

An exclusive on the tragedy in Correio da Manhã suggests Hugo Abreu and Dylan da Silva were deprived medical assistance for almost two hours.

This is a story that has already been the subject of lurid press reports, much speculation and a shocking television exposé in where it was claimed that Hugo Abreu was forced to eat earth shortly before he went into convulsions (click here).

The army’s original explanation that the young men had died from a “golpe de calor” (heatstroke) was always held into question, as they were only two of a number of recruits who had to be admitted into the barrack’s infirmary (click here).

The course was later ‘abandoned’ by 17 of the young men who had enlisted (click here).


Diário de Notícias has now reported that four military men have now been made arguidos: two officers and two sergeants. The latter pair are understood to be army medical staff and are being interviewed separately from the officers, who are facing disciplinary proceedures.
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