Two men arrested over tourist attacks in Lisbon

Two men have been arrested regarding this summer’s spate of late-night attacks on women holidaymakers in Lisbon. According to Correio da Manhã, the men were detained in the early hours of Tuesday morning after a summer in which they are believed to have carried out 12 separate attacks on unsuspecting women tourists. Due to the fact that most of the victims have already returned home, the men only face charges over two “situations”, writes CM.

The story goes back months, and has even involved the rape of victims, says the paper.

In July, CM carried a report on two English women lured by men as they partied in Lisbon nightclubs who were raped and ‘dumped’ in a Lisbon hotel.

At the time, CM blamed the attacks on “groups of young men from communities in problematic neighbourhoods”. This changed in CM’s latest report, alleging perpetrators were two ex-cons, aged 33 and 43.

The attacks too changed in essence, from rape to robbery with violence.

CM claims one victim even had to be treated in hospital.

But in “most of the cases”, not only have the tourists returned home, they have been unwilling to press charges or talk to police particularly as the incidents were “alcohol fuelled”.

As the Resident went to press on Wednesday, the two men were due to be appearing in court.

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