Two marines in probe after punch-up with four off-duty PSP agents outside Lisbon disco

Two marines are the subject of an inquiry today after a violent altercation between a group of marines and what sounds like a much smaller group of off-duty PSP agents outside a disco in Lisbon. One PSP agent is seriously ill in hospital with head trauma; the other three men who were attacked have been discharged. By all accounts, this was a shameful incident. Correio da Manhã this morning described 10 men bearing down on the PSP agents “with great brutality”, suggesting it is very much touch-and-go with the injured agent, 26-year-old Fábio Guerra. He was described as “between life and death” last night in São João Hospital, where he has been put in an induced coma, in the hope that the swelling of his brain will reduce. Tomorrow, hopefully, will bring better news of the young man’s condition.