Two German tourists die in Lagos tour boat accident

Two German tourists died on Tuesday, November 8, in a boating accident in Lagos, in the western Algarve.

Both female victims died after a “Sol de Lagos” tour boat sank.

The accident occurred at approximately 11.46am, when the vessel was said to have “flipped over” due to unknown causes.

Just off the Praia do Camilo coast, the tour had been to visit caves in the area of Ponta da Piedade.

Three crew members of a nearby boat threw themselves into the water to try to rescue people, including tourist passengers and the captain of the boat.

Cruz Martins, commander of the Port of Lagos, told Portuguese news agency Lusa: “The 14 people in the water were eventually rescued by the Navy but two women of foreign nationality, were already dead.”

He added: “The cause of death still remains unclear, although people rescued alive showed signs of hypothermia.”

Waves at the time of the incident were about a metre high and the temperature of the sea water was 19ºC.

In addition to the Navy, 18 firefighters, members of the Civil Protection unit, 11 operational vehicles and a helicopter were also present.

Some of the victims were transported by helicopter to the Portimão hospital.