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Three die at Faro airport roundabout 

Fatal accident also sees one other seriously injured

Three people died in the early hours of Sunday morning, and one other was seriously injured, after the car they were travelling in hit the iconic roundabout giving access to Faro Airport.

The victims, all young Brazilians, were aged between 20 and 30. The dead were initially  described as ‘a man and a woman’; the injured, also a man and woman, were transported to Faro hospital, but the severly injured young man died in the process.

According to Lusa, the accident happened shortly before 4.30am. “The driver of the vehicle was unable to go round the roundabout on the EN125, going straight ahead, entering the roundabout and hitting one of the stone sculptures that stand there”, the agency was told.

This is not the first time a car has entered the roundabout and come to a halt after hitting one of the sculptures but it is the most tragic.

This morning’s incident saw nine emergency vehicles at the scene, and 18 operatives from Faro firefighting station, the GNR and INEM.

As Lusa explains, the roundabout, ‘decorated with 10 stone sculptures each around 3 metres high’, doesn’t only give access to the airport, but also Praia da Faro (where these young people may have been headed).

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