Two dead following ‘road rage’ outside party in Paredes

“How many should we kill today?” This is the question the driver of the car that ploughed into partygoers on Saturday in Paredes allegedly asked his 13-year-old son who then experienced the sheer horror of what followed.

José Pinto, 45, drove his UK-registered Audi “directly at five men” involved in a ‘morto porco’ (the killing of a pig) outside the bikers’ club of Rebordosa, writes tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Two have since died of their injuries.

Said one of the many people in the area at the time: “I thought it was a terrorist attack. He mowed down all the people in front of him and even destroyed five cars that were parked in the street”.

Leaving the victims where they lay, Pinto “continued at high speed, only stopping his car several metres further on. He telephoned his sister who took him to the Lordelo GNR police station, where he handed himself in”.

Today, Correio da Manhã continues coverage of the carnage, suggesting Pinto “lodged a complaint for aggression against the men he had just run over”.

He was arrested and breathalysed, reportedly showing a blood alcohol level of 2.2 g/l – many times over the legal limit.

At this point, the two worst injured victims were still fighting for their lives in hospital.

With that fight now over, Pinto is appearing in court today (Monday) to hear bail terms.

Says the paper, the attack appears to have been “for vengeance”. The 45-year-old entered the party on Saturday already “in a bad mood”. He apparently “provoked several people and ended up being thrown out”.

It was then that he allegedly took to his car, asking his son the chilling question.

CM also suggests the Audi car was not properly insured.

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