Two brothers from Madeira ‘executed’ in South Africa

With the “white genocide” in South Africa barely reported by foreign media, Portuguese newspapers have carried the story this week of two brothers from Madeira fatally shot in the head after opening their butchers business in Pretoria on Monday.

The attack followed a raid on the shop in December, and the kidnapping for a cash ransom of a family member in January.

A third brother missed becoming a victim by being late into work, reports Correio da Manhã.

Alternative media sources explain that “while there is some mention of farm crimes in South Africa, the international media ignore them”.

Portuguese news channels carry stories of countrymen and women caught up in the escalating violence towards foreigners, but tend not to put it into any kind of context.

Explains, the situation is so fragile that former President F.W. de Klerk has warned that South Africa’s current rulers are contributing to the nation “stumbling down the road to societal collapse”.