Two Brits arrested after attacking police officers in Vilamoura

Two British men were arrested after attacking two GNR officers in Vilamoura in the early hours of Sunday morning (October 10).

The agents sustained several injuries and had to be taken to hospital.

The ordeal started when a group of four British men, aged 25 to 32, tried to enter Vilamoura Casino without wearing masks but were stopped by the doorman. The group reacted with “aggressiveness and insults” in full sight of two GNR agents who were deployed at the casino’s entrance.

After the group’s failed attempt to enter the casino, the agents were alerted that the four men had stolen a “wooden object” from a nearby hotel. The police agents began their pursuit of the group, finding them at the hotel’s car park.

The men attempted to run away by fleeing into the hotel, where they were confronted by the officers. According to a GNR statement cited by Lusa news agency, the men “reacted violently, with death threats” and attacked the officers. One of them was even thrown into the hotel’s pool, the statement says.
“As the officers were outnumbered and fearing for their lives, they used their firearms to fire three warning shots into the air” which caused the men to flee, the police force adds.

Two of the four men were tracked down and arrested. They have already appeared before a judge and were released.

Meanwhile, the GNR added that the two officers were taken to hospital with several bruises and injuries. One of the officers sustained two hand fractures.
No information has been revealed regarding the two other suspects.