Two British tourists run over in Lagos

Two British tourists, mother and daughter were injured when they were hit by a car while crossing Avenida das Comunidades Portuguesas in Lagos on Monday morning.

The accident happened at 10.40am and a PSP spokesman said that the driver, a 20-year old man, sped off in a panic before returning 10 minutes later. He has not been arrested but was identified by the PSP police and is awaiting a court date.

The victims, Alison, 41, and Sandra Jerome, 66, were using a pedestrian crossing when the accident happened.

Alison suffered cranial trauma and other injuries and was taken to Portimão’s Barlavento hospital. A hospital spokesman told the Algarve Resident that because of the severity of her injuries, she was later transferred to the neurosurgery department of Faro hospital.

A spokesman from Faro hospital said on Wednesday: “Alison remains in hospital and the doctors are not sure of how she will recover.”

Sandra Jerome suffered a broken leg in the incident and was discharged from Barlavento hospital at 8am on Tuesday.